Why Health and Fitness Are Mandatory Today

20 Sep

We are living in a world where fitness and health have become buzzwords due to the expected and manifest repercussions of neglecting our bodies. Ancient human beings would be amazed if they ceased to see the sorts of diseases that are bothering human beings now. Experts assert that lifestyle complications like hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diabetes and obesity and responsible for more deaths than traditional diseases like malaria and cholera to name a couple.

The importance of health and fitness could be understood when one considers the risk of mortality associated with being overweight or obese. Many human beings are living dangerously and are nearing the grave unless they radically alter their lifestyles concerning physical action. It is now common to spend a day with someone who seems perfectly healthy, only to hear that the identical person is dead the next morning. In essence, we will need to make our bodies more energetic and fit in order to prevent premature deaths.

Morbidity is just another motive that underlies the importance of health and exercise. It's a simple fact that people that are in bad physical shape (like overweight and obese persons) are more vulnerable to diseases and common illnesses. Since the blood from your veins cannot circulate optimally or blood vessels are clogged, the body's ability to function as it should and to ward off ailments is compromised. Individuals that are fit and healthy experience better health that those who are not.

The significance of health and fitness may also be known when one considers the career and financial implications of becoming sick or overweight. Lots of people who suffer from being overweight often spend plenty of time seeing physicians to be treated for one health complication or the other. Consequently, they spend a lot of time away from work hence risking retrenchment. In addition, their career progression is influenced by constant absence from work. Finally, a number of them are made to quit working thus affecting their livelihoods and those of their family members.

Finally, the importance of health and fitness becomes clear when one considers the emotional impacts involved. Society often stigmatizes people who seem to be unfit or overweight. Obese kids and adults tend to be subjected to taunts and insults. Additionally it is possible for the affected child to come up with inferiority complex and withdraw from the remainder. The academic progress, career prospects and life opportunities of such a child are in jeopardy.

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